Benefits of a Non-Profit Organization

A non profit organization is beneficial for societies since they may be able to provide a service that is essential for people but is not provided as needed. Starting a non profit organization is no easy task. it takes planning, budgeting, paperwork; just like putting up a usual small scale business. These organizations provide a range of services such as healthcare, environmental, civic, cultural, humanitarian etc. Being a part of such an organization and helping people in need must be fascinating. so here are some benefits why you should start or join one.


  1. Pursue passion

A passion is a strong feeling that comes from within. It is a forceful drive that will keep you going whenever you feel down. Some people have been through chaotic experiences such as a loss of a family member to a deadly disease, an abusive relationship, and hardships during childhood etc. while some have inbuilt longings such as their love for environment, music or art. No matter what, the people running the organization will be able to join with others and pursue their passion towards a certain goal. Sharing with people of similar interest may lighten the burden in you, especially if your non profit is due to an emotional or physical trauma.

  1. Positive community involvement

Non profits give so much back to society. Each one will have a different motive and many types of people and things benefit from it; be it teaching music to a bunch of kids, cleaning the ocean to save sea animals or simply planting trees to protect the environment. It will also tap untouched area of problems. For example, women empowerment and female education has been a heated topic for the past few decades and these battles were fought by non profit organizations. Overall, it helps community and hence the economy will grow.

  1. Access to grants

Non profit organizations too need finances to run the place. Unlike profit making companies, these organizations can apply for government grants, private donors and angels who would like to invest their money in something worthwhile. If you have a good business plan with a solid process in hand, you will surely find funds faster than a profit making organization.

  1. Tax deductions

If you have an accounting surplus at the end of the year, you will have zero tax or a minimal amount as taxes. Qualified organizations such as schools, churches don’t have to pay local, state or federal taxes. Also, any people donating into a non profit will also be exempt of certain taxes.

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